..Pharmaceutical Products & Medical Devices..

EPE Global is a well-established International Wholesaler of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices. Our international sales division currently supplies over 25,000 branded and generic consumable medical device products to health professionals, hospitals and licensed distributors worldwide.


We are head quartered in the United Kingdom with over 30 years experience in the Healthcare sector, we specialise in the procurement, storage and distribution of pharmaceutical and healthcare products.


We support customers worldwide by providing an extensive stock of pharmaceuticals both branded and generic at competitive wholesale discounted prices. We are able to provide excellent prices as we buy in bulk and pass these saving on to our clients. We source our products from a large list of leading manufacturers and are able to supply these to our customers at globally competitive prices.


We adhere to strict standard operating procedure in compliance with the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency’s (MHRA) Good Distribution Practice and place the authenticity of the products we source and supply as paramount of importance.

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